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Bath Remodeling in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

If you choose one home improvement project this year, consider the benefits of remodeling your bathroom. Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon’s experts can get you started on the process of finding the right bath or shower for your Portland area home! Our team at Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon has been providing top-notch bathroom remodeling services in Greater Portland since we got started in 2016.

The Best Bath Remodeling for Your Greater Portland and Vancouver Home

Your comfort level at home can get an immediate upgrade when you decide to remodel your home with a new tub, shower, or floor plan. No bath fixture is designed to last forever, and in the case of older acrylic models, a change may be long past due.

For a more beautiful home and peace of mind, there are many reasons to get a replacement tub or shower:

  • After years of use, cleaning your fixture will be no easy task. The surface becomes porous and develops small cracks that make cleaning tedious. Watch out for mold that can show up in some of these spots.
  • Over time, the bath or shower may no longer be as suitable for your family’s needs. A larger replacement bath or a combination shower may be a better choice depending on your household habits
  • Styles change, and your personal preferences adapt over time. If you are tired of looking at the same design and want something fresh, a replacement bath may be the answer.

The Sky’s the Limit for Your Greater Portland Area Bathroom Remodeling Project

There are many choices at your fingertips when selecting a quality replacement bath fixture in the Portland Metro area. Here are a few top choices that Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon recommends:

  • A replacement bath and shower combination adds versatility and convenience, plus is easy to clean.
  • Freshen up your bathroom space with a brand-new replacement tub. If you prefer, there’s also the option of having a new liner installed over the top of an existing model, for a similar effect at only a fraction of the cost and time.
  • If all you desire is a standing shower, a shower enclosure can add a comfortable space that is user-friendly with minimum fuss.
  • Walk-in bathtubs are ideal for accessibility concerns. A low entry point can make the difference between your bath time being a chore or a delight.

Why Pick Luxury Baths of Washington and Oregon For Bath Remodeling? 

You may be overwhelmed by the number of replacement bath companies in Portland, but rest assured that Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon has a great reputation, having been established in the community for 5 years. Check our online reviews for applause from our happy customers. We offer services that you can rely on for a successful remodel that stays within your budget.

Contact Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon today to visit your home in the Greater Portland area for a free consultation. We will provide quality tub and shower options for your home, with designs and prices you will love. Call us at 360-693-2284 or fill out our online form to get the process started right away.

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Sale Ending Soon 10-01-2023

Fall Sale $1,250 Off

+ FREE Barn Style Door Upgrade


Fall Sale $1,250 Off + FREE Barn Style Door Upgrade

0% Financing ✓ Sale Ends Soon 10-01-2023