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Shower to Tub Conversion Portland

Imagine being able to take a luxurious soak at the end of the day–no spa required. Don’t let your shower prevent relaxation: convert your shower to a bathtub!

At Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon, we believe in giving our customers the bathroom they want and deserve. We can convert your old shower into a tub in as little as two days, and we have hundreds of different options for color and style.

Converting a Shower to a Tub with Luxury Bath

All of our bathtub conversions are designed around you! We’ll sit down with you to plan and design your ideal tub space, adding specialty attachments and fixtures for ease of use. With our extensive color line-up, it’s easier than ever to match your existing bathroom for a seamless finish.

We use an acrylic called Luxsan®, a material we developed in-house for our bathtubs and showers. Luxsan® is more durable than any other acrylic material, and easier to clean, too! We blend Microban® in all of our acrylic products for added cleanliness. The zinc and silver content of Microban® makes your tub surface easier to clean, with less scrubbing and buildup!

After the design process is complete, and your appointment is scheduled, we’ll have your new bathtub installed in as little as two days. We handle the entire project from start to finish, including the removal of old materials and clean-up after. Remodelling your bathtub has never been this simple!

Walk-In Tubs for Increased Accessibility

We recognize and understand the needs of our community, and we provide walk-in tubs for greater accessibility and comfort. Walk-in tubs are typically deeper than standard tubs, offering more soaking space. We can also customize these tubs for your mobility needs by adding ADA-compliant grab bars, built-in seats, and whirlpool jets.

Walk-in tubs can provide safer and easier access to bathing, and with Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon, it’s easier than ever before!

Can You Install a Shower with a Tub Inside?

Tub and shower combinations are a popular choice. We can convert your shower into a standard tub and also include shower fixtures, making your bathroom just as versatile as it needs to be. You’ll get the same great customizable options for color and style, and the benefits of both a tub and a shower!

Why Choose Luxury Bath for Your Shower to Tub Remodel?

Most shower to tub conversions require lengthy renovations or complete remodels. Not with Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon! We can have your new tub installed in as little as two days.

Our first-rate materials are renowned for their longevity and cleanliness. Because Luxsan® has Microban® built into the material itself, you’ll have a cleaner, safer bathtub for years to come.

Luxury Bath has hundreds of style and color combinations to choose from, so you’ll be getting more than just a bathtub: you’ll be getting the tub of your dreams! If you’d like to convert your shower to a walk-in tub, a tub and shower combo, or a standard bathtub, give Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon a call today!


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